Sunday, January 29, 2017



Friday, July 08, 2016

Bubble bathing

Bubble bathing while she's numb. Fragments of memories stored in her body. Fading in and out, certainly not a pleasure. Sometimes choking on her own breath. Feels like her throat is twisted full of copper death. But then eye lashes flutter, seemingly back to life. Fuzzy mind fades. But it still feels rough. Mind gone blank, yet again Stomach twisted, like your eyes around the highway bend. Anticipating a tightly woven curve. Body bracing for a swerve. Body suddenly frozen, ice crystals rushing. Radiating from chest outwards. But then the heat of the bath brings her in. In and out from comfortably numb.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016


I heard about it. How two people who were so in love Best friends Striving toward a life together Joining families. Children. House. Grandchildren. And then things go south. Conflicts do not go away. They become larger. Apparently those conflicts seem like riddles that cannot be solved. Or in my case two lives started to diverge. It became clear that the paths were no longer headed in the same direction. OR at least one or both decided the problem could not be fixed. But I always found it heartbreaking. How a couple who had spent so much life together, could become so hateful and nasty toward one and other. How divorce can bring out the worst. I thought that it couldn't happen to us. But then it did. At least some twisted version of the cliche. I guess I get it. But not really. Not in my heart. I cannot understand how it can go from there to here. In general I do not feel hatred. But with recent experiences I feel hints of it. Or at least resentment. How could it suddenly be more about equity,dividing of debt than mutual respect for one and other? Despite the pain, I am motivated. I do not want to let this experience lead me to become bitter and divorced. I choose to look at it as hopefully a learning experience. Hopefully it will help me grow as a person. Perhaps I will not make the same mistakes again. Maybe I will do more to show appreciation and gratefulness. All that I know is that I will never divorce again. I will be blessed if I am ever so lucky to feel open enough to reconsider marriage. This caused me to realize just how much I have not only hurt him, but others from the past. In retrospect I was wondering through life somewhat carelessly. Not aware of how my actions and words would hurt those I care about the most. I can't fix my mistakes from before. I've tried to make amends with those that I was aware of that I hurt. But I am sure there are others I have crushed and didn't realize. I don't want to live life in this way. I want to show my loved ones how much I care. I want to fix it quickly when I make a mistake. But please no grudges. I hold none. I can't help if you hold one against me and have not brought it to my attention. Please know that if you did raise it to my awareness. That I have hurt you, you will receive the most sincere apology. I choose not to become bitter. I choose to take this opportunity to be grateful for the good things.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

The Sky is Falling, The Sky is Falling

In recent years, recent months it appears to be tragedy after tragedy. Whether it be the forest fires out in Fort Mac. or the recent deaths at the club in Florida. The refugee camps, the poverty, the war. The immense human suffering is overwhelming at times. So much so that I prefer to just focus on my little bubble of life for now. I want to focus on what I am grateful for rather than the problems in the world. Today I am grateful that the two kitties sitting on the couch with me are not currently hissing and attacking one and other. I am grateful for a fantastic career where I am consistently challenged and inspired. I feel content with the direction my life has taken overall. I am proud of myself for trying new things even as simple as the paint n sips that are sooo common right now. I will continue to notice the little things. To embrace the beautiful weather today. To appreciate my loved ones, and the selfless acts of kindness of others. I am super excited for attachment trauma training this summer. I am looking forward to a bit of a vacation on PEI. I am terrified and excited to (hopefully) be taking over the house on my own September 1. I am relieved and content with my choice to continue to be independent, and take my time. To acknowledge that the factors in my life do not need to be cookie cutter. I am happy to be divorced and soon have my finances totally separated from my ex-husband. I am ecstatic to get to spend time with my niece and nephews. I am soo grateful I will have a safe home for them to stay any time they like and/or need. I am so happy and grateful to get my family doctor back. To have a medical professional who is so fantastic to work with, who actively listens to my concerns. If there is one thing to be said about my last few years is that they have been filled with heart break. That kind of stuff that all of the songs sing about. I never fully understood it until these last two years. Finally guys, I get it! haha.

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Living life with small doses of reflections

It is really the strangest thing to go back to my posts from like 2004/2006. So unusual. I noticed that I was quite anxious and even paranoid of strangers, in particular men. I saw how reckless and silly I was. I am still silly though! heh. I saw how lost I was. Stressed? It is fascinating how quickly it went from that to sort of getting my life together. I think things really started to change when I started to work at the bank. As of last weekend, I have moved back to nb. For a THIRD TIME! Life certainly is strange. I feel much more content these days. So at peace that I don't even feel like typing :P I have resolved issues such as the recurring dreams about that "friend" I briefly mentioned like 8 years ago. Still trying to work through the last tiny bits. But I am confident it will happen. I sometimes idealize others. I certainly have issues letting go. And forgiving myself for my mistakes.

Sunday, November 01, 2015

Today Today I can tell that it was real The way we used to look at one and other The way you'd make me feel Despite each day changing As the seasons in a year I'm confident that what we had Was a true memory safe to bring With me year after year In fact today I am so sure That our connection that was so sweet Continues to exist Despite our attempts to Cause it defeat I'm quite sure you continue to feel it Though it may hibernate and spring to life As a tree which brings with it, a renewed life Today I have this sense of knowing No longer causing self sorrow With queries of Fiction or fact And have come to the realization Though the world is ever changing Feelings change from day to day There is absolutely no chance of changing What was left with us from that day Take care dear friend I am tuly sorry for the pain I hope your life is blissful And passions continue to ignite your flame Xo jemm

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Among other things

Well the thoughts come less often now* But still almost each day* I wonder when you'll change your mind* Look at things another way* For some reason I have confidence* When on this topic I should have none* That you will come around from change of heart* And we will see what can be undone* ********************************************************************************************************* Much time has passed since then* But the impact remains great* And for some reason I really believe* That you'll contact me and say* That although this time has passed away* You miss me as I've missed you* You want to try to reconnect* And see what we might do* ********************************************************************************************************* But then some doubt begins to creep* Back into my heart* That though my feelings are genuine* You wish our lives to remain apart* That this will never change* You're pleased with where things are now* And even if there was a chance* You'll remain decided, as if a vow*